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STRESS and MOTO Consortia are glad to invite you to attend their final dissemination event.

The event is named “Keeping the Human in the loop in the Digital ATM Era” and it will be hosted by ENAC on May 31, 2018 in Toulouse (France).

The focus of the event is Automation and Human performance and it will mix presentation sessions with hand-on demos of future automation and objective human performance assessment techniques.

We will talk about:

  • new tools for en-route and airport controllers,
  • how to ensure a correct balance between humans and automation and
  • how to use neurophysiological indexes to measure in real time controllers’ stress, workload, attention and vigilance.

To know more about the event, please visit

Since attendance is limited, please register. The registration deadline is 25th of May.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Looking forward to see you in Tolouse.


2nd STRESS simulation video now online!

The video of the second simulation of STRESS is now online, follow this link to have a look of it!

The video presents the execution of the validation sessions, held at the ENAC premises in Toulouse in February.

The sessions had the objective of assessing the impact of high automation on the workload, vigilance, attention and stress levels of the air traffic controllers. A total of 20 air traffic controllers, both experts and students, took part in the validation activities, and were asked to manage a realistic operational scenario developed to induce transitions between different levels of automation as well as automation malfunctions. The users’ neurophysiological signals were recorded continuously.

The data collected are now under analysis to assess how automation impacts on the execution of air traffic management tasks. Based on these results we will derive high level automation design guidelines intended to optimize the cooperation between the human and the system.

The video shows the experimental subjects managing the simulated air traffic, and the recording of the data. Many thanks again to all the subjects participating in our experiment! Enjoy watching!



STRESS @WAC2018: thank you all!

STRESS participated in the World ATM Congress (WAC), held in Madrid, from 6 to 8 March 2018.

The congress is the reference international platform for the global civil and commercial ATM industry, hosting the most important stakeholders of the ATM field, including ANSPs, regulatory agencies and the major international industries of the civil aviation to discuss the future trends and developments of air traffic management. It combines the large-scale exhibition with demonstration sessions and world-class conferences and workshops, organized by SESAR JU, EUROCONTROL, CANSO and ATCA.

STRESS was invited to the SESAR Walking Tour n.5 “Spotlight on airport operations” organized by the SESAR JU and dedicated to the automated and smart tools developed within the SESAR framework to improve operations at the airport. Stefano Bonelli provided a presentation about STRESS, describing its objectives and expected outcomes. During the presentation, he also demonstrated the STRESS toolkit for online workload assessment in high automation en-route scenarios.

Other participating projects were MOTO (the embodied reMOte TOwer) and TaCo (Take Control), both coordinated by Deep Blue and cooperating with STRESS in the framework of a wider research program on the support to automation design.

The event represented a great opportunity for close interactions with researchers involved in similar projects as well as with manufacturers, operators and all other stakeholders that may be interested in the topics of automation and human performance.

We sincerely thank all speakers and participants for the interest shown in our project, for the valuable exchange of information and also for creating a fruitful spirit of cooperation!


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STRESS second simulation

From 12 to 16 February, STRESS carried out the second simulation activities. These took place at ENAC – Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile‘s premises. Twenty Air Traffic Controllers, both experts and students, were involved and let us use neurophysiological parameters to measure their levels of stress, workload, vigilance and attention during the execution of operational tasks in highly automated scenarios. We were able to collect a huge set of information on the impact automation had on human performance. We will use it to develop guidelines to design future air traffic management systems that are compatible with human capabilities and limitations, ensuring that the right balance between humans and automations is obtained. The STRESS Consortium sincerely thanks everyone involved in the simulation sessions, especially all the air traffic controllers taking part in them, whose contribution was priceless!

pseudopilot2 IMG_0718 IMG_0561_automation impact IMG_0546_recording attention debriefing1 debriefing 05_IMG_0644_ENAC interface_sent


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