The European ATM system is expected to face challenging situations,
with the growth of air traffic, the increase of its complexity,
the introduction of innovative concepts and increased automation.


The roles and tasks of air traffic controllers will change in the future. This will be due also to the use of highly automated systems, introduced to support controllers in dealing with the increasing volume and complexity of air traffic.

It is vital to enhance the comprehension of human responses to their role changing, better understanding the impact of high automation to human performance and how we can support operators in managing unexpected system disruptions.


The main goal of the project is to generate knowledge able to support the design of the technologies which will be used by controllers to manage the future air traffic scenario.


Specifically the project will provide guidelines to be followed to design future systems that are compatible with human capabilities and limitations, ensuring that the right balance between humans and automations is obtained.


Future scenarios

How will ATM look like in 2050?

Human Performance Indexes

How can we objectively measure stress, workload, attention?


What’s the impact of automation and its failures on controllers performance?

Design guidelines

How can we reach the correct balance between automation and humans?

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