STRESS Close-out meeting

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On the 12nd June, STRESS attended its Close-out meeting. The meeting took place in the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) premises in Brussels. It involved members of the STRESS Consortium, the SJU Project Officers and also SJU delegates.

The project team presented all scientific results of the STRESS 2-years work to the SJU Project Officers (POs), with particular reference to the mental states measurement toolbox for the assessment of human performance in aviation. Positive feedback and interest in the STRESS results were given by the POs.

Although the project is now running its end, future research activities to continue the work done in STRESS will be designed, and the valuable contacts established with experts and stakeholders will be maintained for information exchange and fruitful cooperation.

The project consortium takes the opportunity to thank all of them for the contribution to the STRESS technical activities, and also the Project Officers for the continuous support and advice!


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