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STRESS participated in the World ATM Congress (WAC), held in Madrid, from 7 to 9 March 2017.

The congress is the reference international platform for the global civil and commercial ATM industry, hosting the most important stakeholders of the ATM field, including ANSPs, regulatory agencies and the major international industries of the civil aviation to discuss the future trends and developments of air traffic management. It combines the large-scale exhibition with demonstration sessions and world-class conferences and workshops, organized by SESAR JU, EUROCONTROL, CANSO and ATCA.

STRESS was invited to the public workshop on theSESAR 2020 Exploratory Research: Human Factors supporting Automation in ATM”, organized by the AUTOPACE (Facilitating the AUTOmation PACE) project. The workshop presented different SESAR Exploratory Research projects analysing human factors issues in highly automated ATC environments and proposing solutions to mitigate potential adverse effects (agenda available here).

Stefano Bonelli provided a presentation on the project, describing its objectives and expected outcomes.

Other participating projects were:

  • MOTO (the embodied reMOte TOwer) and TaCo (Take Control), both coordinated by Deep Blue and cooperating with STRESS in the framework of a wider research program on the support to automation design;
  • PACAS (Participatory Architectural Change MAnagement in ATM Systems), in which Deep Blue acts as Validation and Dissemination Manager;
  • MINIMA (Mitigating negative impacts of monitoring high levels of automation);
  • AGENT (Adaptive self-Governed aerial ecosystem by negotiated traffic);
  • RETINA (Resilient Synthetic Vision for Advanced Control Tower Air Navigation Service Provision).

The event represented a great opportunity for close interactions with researchers involved in similar projects as well as with manufacturers, operators and all other stakeholders that may be interested in the topics of automation and human performance. We thank all speakers and participants for the valuable exchange of information and also for creating a fruitful spirit of cooperation!

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