STRESS validation session now closed: thank you all!

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The STRESS validation study was held at the Anadolu University premises from the 6th till the 9th of June 2017.

The objective of the study was to validate neurophysiological indexes developed by the project to monitor in real-time the Air Traffic Controllers’ mental state during air traffic control tasks. In particular, two aspects were investigated: i) stress level; ii) type and level of attentional focus. These were selected as two of the most impacted human factors in the framework of the paradigm shift to higher automation levels expected for the future.

Sixteen ATC students were involved in the validation activity. They were asked to manage a realistic operational scenario developed to induce different levels of attention and stress. The users’ neurophysiological signals were recorded continuously. Besides neurophysiological data, behavioural and performance data (i.e. how controllers handled the traffic) as well as subjective data (i.e. the experimental subjects’ perception of stress and attention) were also collected.

The data analysis will start soon! The objective is to verify that the indexes are capable of assessing attention and stress. Results are expected by october.

We take the opportunity to thank the Anadolu University for the warm hospitality and all the STRESS partners for the excellent work!


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