Video on the STRESS validation now online!

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The video about the STRESS validation is now online on the youtube channel of STRESS! Watch it at this link or below!

The video presents the execution of the validation sessions, held at the Anadolu University in June.

The sessions had the objective of validating the neurophysiological indexes of stress and attention in air traffic control. A total of 16 air traffic control students took part in the validation activities, and were asked to manage a realistic operational scenario developed to induce different levels of attention and stress. The users’ neurophysiological signals were recorded continuously, and the data collected then compared with behavioural and performance data (looking at how controllers handled the traffic) and subjective data (feedback from experimental subjects and external experts) to verify that the indices are capable of assessing attention and stress.

The video shows the experimental subjects managing the simulated air traffic, and the recording of the data. Enjoy watching!

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